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December 17, 2007


g. travis norvell


Thanks for providing the Coleman Barks video link. I remembering watching the Bill Moyers special back in college one evening while at home for break. After he read the Rumi poem I went outside, knelt and kissed the ground. I think it may have been the most "religious" I have ever been in my life.

Sorry about the snoring but glad you went anyway. Next time don't bother kicking, give the snorer a "wet willy" that will wake 'em up in a heartbeat.

The Village Carpenter

Dude, is that one of your paintings? If so, you have some serious talent.

The Wyldth1ng



Theobilly, what a great story! Rumi had the same affect on me. Good idea with the wet willy!

Village Carpenter - don't I wish I painted that well. I'd give up my day job and paint full time. Alas, I'm no where near that good - not even the same plant. I just like the colors. No real talent.

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