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February 12, 2008



Well done, you. I've had issues with this in the past, and I still often feel the need to hover, but I'm getting better as time goes on. It's a journey into the land of delegation for all of us - in fabulous shoes!


So, um, do they have wonder woman on them?


Ok - blast! I thought that I had posted a comment but it didn't show up. Or something. Anyway, what I did say is that delegating is hard for me to b/c I tend to hover which I get is annoying. But, we will travel together on the road to successful delegation in our fabulous shoes.

Listing Straight

Thank you for writing this in such a clear way!

I'm just beginning to learn this-
I've been on this road for more than 10 years now, and I am not sure how to change directions!

But, being an AP right now I am in the most likely location to make the shift... Old habits die hard...


Are they pretty?

more cows than people

oh, yay ladyburg! yay! i don't know how i missed that earlier post, but this 2 gets your struggle.

good. for. you.

bikini or thong?

more cows than people

o.k., don't answer that question. totally inappropriate. sorry.

will smama

It's hard to do things differently than it has been done before - no matter how many emergent church/missional retreats we go to!

Good luck and congrats on the transition! I am attempting to do the same where I am as well.


Its like your own personal pantipalooza!

These are hard lessons for us to learn. I'm working on it, too.


For those wondering, these underpants are pretty and sexy and could be wonderwoman because in my opinion that is still sexy.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm so glad you all are "out there."

Mrs. M

"I am grateful for their guidance but I have also come to understand that I am not their type of pastor. I am some other type of which I have not seen and do not know. It is for me unknown territory and frankly, uncomfortable."

YES YES YES. Thank you for this post. I'm not official yet, but this really speaks to how I feel. Thank you!


I just assumed they were the RevGalBlogPal thong panties...

Pastor Peters

i love this. and it's so true. we're not supposed to be like our mentors. but eeek. what a lesson to learn. i hope i earn these panties sometime soon.


Okay, so now not only do I have to get my three-year-old to buy into big girl panities, I have to do it too? sigh. I guess it's time to get to work!


Too funny, cpclergymama. Maybe one step at a time!

Pink Shoes

Yes! Yes! Yes!

ms rev or not

"mommy, wow! i'm a big kid now!!" anyone? anyone?

great post.


Blaze your own trail in your "big girl underpants"! You are doing good.

The Wyldth1ng

Wacky, you do wear them on the inside right?

rev dona quixote

Woo hoo for you! That's a lesson I need too.

BTW I tagged you for a meme ...

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