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February 15, 2008


The Wyldth1ng

Yea! Have a blast this weekend!

Tiffany Flaming

I'm praying for you my friend. Since you've got the panties, I suppose all your friends are the matching bra? You know...support, etc. Sorry. Inappropriate.

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Well LB - If all the crap is about what I think it is, you know what I think about it already.

I do wonder when the panty/bra metaphor will stop being used, just saying, first leather boots, now this ;-)


Tiffany, that cracked me up!

Bruce - sorry man. That's the great things about my blog - I can write what I want too. :)


Reading this post made me think of the movie Calendar Girls. I can almost see you now... slim with an intriguing semi-smile... holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers... and wearing lovely big girl panties. ;)


Those panties sound marvelous. ;-)


PK, you give me too much credit, but that is a fun image!

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