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May 14, 2008


The Wyldth1ng

Whenever I have blister I pop them, then insert super glue in space between the skin. Then, of course, add pressure for about thirty seconds. Walla! Good as new!


I'm sort of sorry I read that, Wyld.


Wyld! No you do not!? Really? I'm just not sure I can go there.

The Wyldth1ng

Not that I am trying to be pushy, but it has been awhile since you have posted.


(Are you okay?)

Mrs. M

Ick about the blisters...

While I'm thinking about it, do you know about putting the treadmill at a 1% incline so you don't kill your knees? Apparently, a flat treadmill is really more like a downhill run. (Also, there are some FABULOUS rail trails nearby if you want a gentle-on-the-shins run while you're enjoying the gorgeousness of outside. And if you want a very slow running buddy, let me know!)


Wyldth1ng - thanks. I really appreciate that you asked. I'm fine. Just having a hard time blogging lately. I need to get on the ball!


Mrs. M - yes, I always put the treadmill on 1% incline. My trainer told me to do that so I believe you are right. Its better for you. I would be interested in running some some outdoor trails with you. I doubt you are slower than I am.

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