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August 09, 2008


more cows than people

good for you. the friend in whose wedding i participated in early july is a marathon runner (a fairly recent development for her... who knows what might be in your future...) and we went for pedicures and I learned all about the grossness of runner toes. but it doesn't stop her and the pedicure worked wonders to give her pretty feet for the wedding!


I'm glad you are running... and craving it... 'specially since it's good for you. But absolutely YUCK to something that makes your toenail fall off. After reading about it... I KNOW I'll NEVER run... double yuck!

Mrs. M

This is sort of one of those "yes and no" things. It's definitely not uncommon, and it happens, but it doesn't NEED to happen. It's why a lot of us buy our running shoes about a 1/2-1 size bigger than regular shoes. Then it doesn't happen. Get thee to a good running store!


I agree, Mrs. M, and I do have good shoes. There is a good store in town. Mine are even 1/2 size bigger. I'm trying different lacing methods too. At the moment my nail looks better but not sure that that means. My other toes look fine so I'm taking that as a good sign. I will need to start replacing my shoes more often, however.

Mrs. M

OK, since I can't stay away from the darn Runner's World site, I might as well pass info on:


Kerri PD

Mrs. M - unfortunately it isn't always as easy as bigger shoes - I'm one of those lucky folks whose second toe is longer than my big toe so it happens no matter what. Ah well, it is the price we runners pay. Now the plantar fasciitis? That can go away!!!!

ms rev or not

Uff. I'm not a runner, though I wish I were and I admire those who are. Dancers run into somewhat similar problems with ingrown big toenails. Feel free to ask about my home remedies of helping the toenail off, if you'd like. Otherwise, I'll spare you.


I used to be a runner. Used to be. Too many things broke and I had to stop. :(

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